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InfraRed Remapping Module

Norpix has a new StreamPix Infrafred Remapping Module for digital video recording.  Available as software or turnkey solutions for a wide variety of Thermal Imaging, Thermography and Infrared Imaging cameras.

NASA’s Quantum Leap in Combustion Research: The HPTC Apparatus

The wealth of data collected by these cameras is efficiently processed and stored on a local PC running NorPix StreamPix digital video recording software. The images are saved in an 8-bit .seq format, a proprietary NorPix format that can be readily converted to audio video interleave (.avi) or tagged image file format (.tiff) files for further analysis.

Portable High-Speed Capture at 1,500 fps x 800 x 600 – NorPix High-Speed Capture and Troubleshooting Solutions

NorPix has engineered a solution to capture a synchronized dual frame grabber solution on the Xenics Cheetah 640 series SWIR area scan camera.

NorPix Collaborates with Concordia University Student Team in Hot Fire Testing of Rocket Engines

Space exploration is a new economic frontier forecast to become a $2.7 trillion market within the next three decades. Start-ups are blossoming in an explosion reminiscent of the early days of tech, when money poured into Silicon Valley at the beginning of the Internet age.

StreamPix DVR solution using Cheetah SWIR camera

NorPix has engineered a solution to capture a synchronized dual frame grabber solution on the Xenics Cheetah 640 series SWIR area scan camera.

Sports application using Streampix – High speed video capture of swimmer

Biomechanics - High speed - Motion capture. Sports application using Streampix - High speed video capture of swimmer. See the Inaugural test run of the new C O L L O S U S Videographic Tracking System for Biomechanics and Aquatics Research.

Laboratory rats, mice and rodent video capture for biomedical research

Multiple camera setup. Compatible with GigE Vision, USB3, 10 and 25 GigE, Camera Link and CoaXPress cameras. Supports cameras and frame grabbers from over 200 different OEM’s using native API’s. Synchronize camera exposure over multiple cameras and over multiple computers.

NorPix Enhances High-Speed Capture and Recording Capabilities For Paper Break Analysis

NorPix Inc., a leader in the development of digital video recording software, today announced that it has released a new version of StreamPix with high-speed capture and recording capabilities ideally-suited to teams responsible for rapidly resolving and preventing paper break events at paper mills and printing presses.

High-speed system captures at 1,000 fps x 1080p from multiple synchronized cameras

NorPix has developed a portable high-speed recording system capable of capturing high-definition images from multiple synchronized cameras.

High-Speed Imagery for Elite Sporting Events

A high-speed video system is an invaluable tool for both professional and elite amateur sports – both in training athletes for competition, and in helping officials ensure a fair outcome. Read this article to learn more about how Norpix provides High-Speed Imagery for Elite Sporting Events.

Geo-Mapping Imaging Capture

- Multiple camera capture - HD resolution up to 50 MP - Tag each image with GNSS metadata - Frame capture rate driven by travel distance using DMI device - Real Time JPEG compression. Supports over 200 different types of cameras and frame grabbers using native API’s ...

Do you know how to record 2500 mbytes/second of video for 6 hours?

In this case, NorPix provided a recording solution that allowed the client to record 2 cameras with a resolution of 9 megapixels at a rate of 290 frames per second or 2,500 Mbytes/second for a duration over 6 hours.

Film scanning using StreamPix on a 50 year old Kodachrome film

NorPix was pleased to offer Film Scanning using Streampix 7 to make this video as enjoyable as possible for all to watch using modern technologies.

Develop a high-speed mobile recording system with NorPix

NorPix has developed a high-speed mobile recording system that can accommodate a number of off-the-shelf frame grabbers and host interface adapters to ensure compatibility with 10 and 25 GigE, CoaXPress and Camera Link standards.

Continuous Web Break Monitoring for your Production Line

NorPix provides service for paper break module for paper crash/jam monitoring system. Call us at 1-514-824-2517 or write to us at
NorPix adds additional support for high-speed cameras and frame grabbers

NorPix adds additional support for Kaya Instruments high-speed cameras and frame grabbers

NorPix Inc., a leader in the development of digital video recording software – has announced support of its StreamPix, TroublePix and upcoming StreamTouch software for high-speed cameras and frame grabbers from Kaya Instruments.

Film scanning: Preserving the past for posterity

Deck: Although the parade may have gone by for Hollywood’s…

NorPix White Paper – NVIDIA Accelerated JPEG Image Compression

Reducing the amount of data needed to store and/or transmit image data is important in industrial machine vision, surveillance and military imaging systems.

NorPix DSA Pulse box: When you need to capture to disk from multiple cameras with all cameras exposing at the same time

NorPix Pulse Generator and Digital Signal Amplifier (DSA) is able to keep cameras in sync so they expose at the exact same time, hardware triggering is requested at the camera level.

StreamPix Lite is a new entry level version of StreamPix for users with limited budgets or requirements

With StreamPix Lite you can capture uncompressed, MOV, or AVI files from a single camera.

Quantification of gait parameters in freely walking rodents

NorPix invites you to read this publication (.pdf) on Quantification of gait parameters in freely walking rodents.

Custom application from NorPix partner Dage-MTI using Web Streamer encoder

NorPix invites you to read this news on the Web Streamer encoder from DAGE-MTI: HD-Stream: Viewing Multiple Live Streams at a Central Lab.

Streampix airborne recording station

Streampix based high speed recording station for extreme conditions…

StreamPix multiple camera prepost module

StreamPix prepost module for capturing multiple cameras with a circular buffer. Select the length of each buffer and trigger events from outside source.

Geo-mapping capture from multiple cameras with GPS data and DMI triggering

Streampix capture software can interface to over 200 different brands of cameras such as AVT, Basler, Ximea and Flir Ladybug5 or other brands. Capture GPS data along with time stamp from multiple cameras with sync.

Motion capture

High speed motion capture of a lawyer and witness in a courtroom situation. Study interaction between multiple actors. Captured using machine vision cameras at higher than normal video rates, solutions available from 30 to 900 fps at HD resolution.

Underwater High-speed Web Streaming and multi-camera recording

NorPix has developed a system for a military client providing…

Streampix provides ARINC 818 recording solution to market leader Great River Technology

In the field of mission-critical, high-speed video and data systems, ARINC 818 is capable and proven in cockpit displays, mission processors, sensors, HUDs, and HMDs.

HD recording at 900 fps using CoaXPress camera

Record at over 900 frames per second in HD resolution using various CoaXPress cameras and frame grabbers.

Airborne high resolution capture application using a portable PC

This airborne capture system uses a portable computer with multiple drives for capturing high resolution images at low frame rate all day long.

Multi camera capture in the fight against malaria

System for capturing flies in the research for the prevention of malaria. Multiple camera capture solution for motion analysis.

CoaXPress Camera Recording Station at 3.5 Gigabytes per second

Coaxpress camera and frame grabber recording station. Record up to 3.5 gigabytes per second in uncompressed format from two synchronized cameras.

Video Scope module for 8 and 35mm film digitizing

Film digitizing using Streampix digital video recording software. Restore 35 mm film to digital format using Streampix software. Save to avi, mov, mp4, dpx
Small form factor recorder from Neousys

Small form factor recorder from Neousys

Small form factor recorders have the advantage of small size, useful for outdoor usage or when there is constraint in space. Unfortunately, they also have some limitations for long duration high speed video recording, as they come with limited expansion slots and fewer interfaces for media storage.

Motion analysis high-speed video capture for biomechanical applications

When capturing for motion analysis or the biomechanics of animals…